090 Jo Milmine | It’s Time We Knit Your Socks Off


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Here’s the Recap:

Jo Milmine is the host of the Shineybees podcast, a show about knitting. Jo not only has created an amazing community filled with other knitters, but she also won the 2015 New Media Europe for Most Engaged Audience. Jo talks about how she got into podcasting and some of the fantastic things her audience has done for her when she was overseas.

What We Covered:

  • 05:50 – I met Jo about a year ago.
  • 07:25 – Jo runs a knitting podcast.
  • 09:50 – You never see big dogs in knit wear. It's always tiny dogs wearing knitted shirts and the like.
  • 13:00 – Did you know there's a social network for the knitting community?
  • 15:10 – Jo talks about her grandmother.
  • 20:35 – Being in someone's ears is a much more intimate way to communicate. Even more intimate than video.
  • 29:15 – Not everybody will like your voice or your face. That's a fact of life.
  • 30:25 – If you never share your opinions and/or core beliefs, then your audience is never going to identify
  • 31:10 – There's always someone producing something for someone.
  • 33:50 – If you want a successful show, you have to engage with your audience.
  • 34:50 – How did Jo start her podcast?
  • 38:55 – In podcasting, you have the potential to impact people.
  • 41:35 – Jo is a big book reader.
  • 45:50 – Pro-tip: Never underestimate the importance of a headlamp.
  • 49:35 – If you feel like you should be doing a certain thing, then you should have already done it.
  • 51:40 – Jo's community really goes above and beyond for Jo.
  • 54:30 – What has Jo changed her mind about recently?
  • 57:50 – What's the most misunderstood thing about Jo?


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