Oct. 1, 2021

276 Joe Casabona - Curiosity Beats Criticism

276 Joe Casabona - Curiosity Beats Criticism
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Harry welcomes to the show, educator, author and podcast consultant, Joe Casabona. Joe is the host of How I Built It, a podcast that provides insight from tech savvy small business owners and developers on how they built their products, from idea to execution.

In this episode, Harry and Joe talk about Joe’s circuitous route to entrepreneurship, from a stint teaching at the collegiate level to eventually reaching self-employment and launching his own podcasting company. Joe opens up about his prior role at an agency and the decision to leave to pursue his passion. He shares lessons he’s learned throughout the years, including why curiosity is a major key success factor in life. Finally, Joe shares something he’s changed his mind about recently and speaks to why his inquisitive nature has made him a naturally gifted podcast host.




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06:35 – Harry welcomes back to the show Joe Casabona, who speaks to the inspiration to start his podcast, How I Built It

11:45 – Joe’s Tech journey

14:11 – Structuring a podcast

22:50 – Joe’s experience teaching at the collegiate level

32:28 – Joe’s entrepreneurial journey and what he learned working for an agency

45:33 – Joe and Harry talk about their shared love of the New York Yankees

50:31 – Lessons Joe learned throughout his journey of self-employment and running his own business

57:30 – Joe’s growth as a podcast host

59:09 – Something Joe has changed his mind about recently

1:05:46 – Harry thanks Joe for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him




“Free customers are the meanest because they have the highest expectations and the most entitlement.” (16:51) (Joe)

“I joke that if computers didn’t exist I would be completely unemployable.” (23:33) (Joe)

“People think, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna say anything because things aren’t going to change.’ Well things definitely won’t change if you don’t say anything.” (42:38) (Joe)

“When my daughter asks me a question I try so hard, no matter how I’m feeling, to tell myself to not crush her curiosity.” (45:56) (Joe)

“I’ve always been inquisitive. I think that’s what made me a good host in the beginning is that I asked a lot of questions. I’m a lot more confident to deviate from the format, so I’m experimenting a lot more now.” (57:41) (Joe)




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