Sept. 1, 2019

202 John Livesay - Learning the Value of Stories

202 John Livesay - Learning the Value of Stories

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast keynote speaker, sales expert, best-selling author and fellow podcaster, John Livesay. With a wide array of experience as an award-winning salesperson at Conde Nast, John speaks to teams within organizations to help them improve their sales methodologies. In this episode, John and Harry talk about John’s podcast, “The Successful Pitch,” as well as the lessons John has learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey. John shares some of the benefits he has reaped from starting a podcast, including the relationships he’s cultivated and the content he’s curated. Finally, John speaks to the value he places on friendships and resilience.

00:22 – Harry recaps his past week at Podcast Movement
02:46 – Harry thanks his sponsors, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Beyond the Podcast
04:52 – Harry welcomes John Livesay to the podcast
05:27 – John’s origin story
08:46 – Lessons learned from starting a podcast
10:47 – How John got his first Speakers Bureau
12:59 – The genesis of The Successful Pitch Podcast
16:00 – John’s top three tips for improving your startup pitch
18:44 – John’s career trajectory
21:59 – The importance of never burning bridges
24:13 – Getting off the self-esteem roller coaster
25:11 – What John has learned through the medium of podcasting
29:03 – How John has improved as a podcast host
31:55 – Early inspirations in John’s career
33:21 – How John has used his podcast to build relationships
35:26 – John credits Tim Sanders for being a mentor to him throughout his career
37:53 – The value John places on friendships
38:53 – John speaks to how his entrepreneurial journey led him to have greater perspective
39:56 – A story of resilience
43:59 – Tools John has developed to make him more resilient
45:48 – Benefits John has reaped from being a podcast host
46:47 – What is something John has changed his mind about recently
47:48 – What is the most misunderstood thing about John
50:09 – Where listeners can follow John
50:51 – John recalls his experience narrating his book for Audible


“I realized I had a lot of fear around hosting a podcast and I literally created a TEDx Talk that includes this and I still talk about it when I give keynotes.” (07:52)

“The way to overcome the fear of the unknown is not go it alone.” (08:40)

“The number one tip for a startup, whether you’re trying to get a new investor or a new client or, as you said, attract and retain the talent, is you must have your story of origin down pat.” (16:28)

“It’s not enough just to be a guest. You gotta give somebody a step that’s easy.” (28:28)

“My goal for the listeners is that they are informed, inspired and entertained. So, if we do any of those things, we’re in good shape.” (30:51)

“The need to connect and have a tribe is what keeps us from feeling so lonely. And that’s what a good friend does. They’re not jealous, they’re not competitive, they’re cheering you on.” (37:59)

“So, for me, the tool is I think of myself as the director of my own movie and I can yell ‘Cut’ at any time.” (44:40)


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