289 Jonathan Baillie Strong | Strategy & Execution Lessons for Launching a Podcast

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Founder of Spotlight Podcasting, Jonathan Baille Strong, joins the show to share his experience with the intricacies of launching a podcast, growing as an interviewer and formatting podcasts so that they are guest friendly. Jonathan is also the host of two shows, Podcasting for Consultants and Leaders of Consulting. Today, Harry and Jonathan talk about the work Jonathan and his team are doing at Spotlight Podcasting to deliver full-service production solutions to ensure that their clients’ podcasts align with their business goals. Harry and Jonathan geek out over podcast tech, tools and the latest news around the industry. Finally, Jonathan shares why he believes gifs are a great branding tool as well as some of the unique projects he’s working on currently.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:39 – Founder of Spotlight Podcasting, Jonathan Baillie Strong who shares his background growing up in Europe and his podcasting journey
  • 18:28 – Jonathan talks about what inspired him to launch his own podcast and the work Jonathan did with Startup Institute
  • 24:08 – An extensive background in consulting
  • 28:54 – The truth about entrepreneurship
  • 35:47 – Spotlight Podcasting’s origin story
  • 38:58 – Harry and Jonathan dissect an interesting inquiry on gratitude
  • 47:54 – Make Noise
  • 52:43 – Figma templates for podcast artwork
  • 56:18 – Jonathan’s fascination with gifs



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