July 10, 2020

227 Jordan Paris - Cultivating a Growth Mindset at 22

227 Jordan Paris - Cultivating a Growth Mindset at 22
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06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Jordan Paris who speaks his first experience with podcasting, his background and roots and how he met Harry

12:19 – What inspired Jordan to start his podcast and the value he places on the art of interviewing 

19:40 – Jordan’s intention when he walks into an interview 

26:35 – Jordan and Harry share their experience as podcast hosts and interviewers 

28:08 – Jordan’s thoughts on traditional education and how he cultivated a different mindset 

39:56 – How Jordan keeps himself grounded 

43:33 – Jordan and Harry share insights they have gleaned from interviewing guests 

51:41 – What drives and motivates Jordan 

53:32 – What is something that Jordan has changed his mind about recently 

56:26 – Harry thanks Jordan for joining the show, provides some advice and let’s listeners know where they can follow him


“Now I’m at the point where I think my interview skills, I think that’s what really makes the show. It’s the number one thing I get with people reaching out to me is that it just has to do with my interview skills. And I still miss every now and then and it takes two to tango; it really does.”

“Something that I need to focus more on is becoming friends with them [podcast guests] and building the relationship, because I’m just so focused on the listener and how to make it interesting for them.”

“And those are the best podcasts – when your agenda goes out the window.”

“It’s about knowing what you want but also knowing why you want it. Because the quest for an ‘A’ is meaningless without a purpose beyond just getting that ‘A.’”

“I just don’t go with the flow. I just don’t do that.”

“I think the fact that I have fun is what is going to keep me here and stay the course.”




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