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Here’s the Recap:

Lee Silverstein is a survivor of childhood cancer and was later diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer in 2011 after undergoing a routine colonoscopy. When he attended a podcasters meet-up in 2014 he was inspired to start his own podcast, the Colon Cancer Podcast, where he provides people the hope and support they need when they are told they have cancer. By providing cancer survivors and caretakers a platform to share their stories, Lee is a constant inspiration for the many people who have been affected by colon cancer.

What We Covered:

  • 06:57 – The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary
  • 08:55 – How he felt about seeing himself on the “big screen”
  • 09:34 – His colon cancer diagnosis
  • 11:17 – How his idea for the Colon Cancer Podcast started
  • 15:12 – How his community of supporters has helped provide the fuel for his podcast
  • 16:55 – The first time he realized his podcast was making an impact on people’s lives
  • 21:36 – A.G.E. and how spending time at the gym has helped him deal with his cancer
  • 23:07 – How having a positive attitude has helped him battle cancer
  • 27:16 – The factors that impacted his self-confidence growing up
  • 28:46 – My older sister who passed away from leukemia
  • 30:01 – What he remembers about having cancer as a child
  • 31:00 – His fondest TV show memory
  • 32:07 – The story of his connection with Greg Trout
  • 34:44 – Determining who he wants on the podcast and finding topics for the show
  • 36:38 – How having his podcast has helped him expand his own knowledge of cancer
  • 38:23 – Podcasting as a cancer patient
  • 42:46 – How he landed his first sponsor
  • 45:17 – How his confidence has grown as a podcaster
  • 47:49 – The events and communities of Chris Krimitsos
  • 53:03 – His next podcast goals
  • 55:48 – The tutelage of Glen the Geek
  • 57:01 – What he’s changed his mind about recently
  • 59:15 – The one most misunderstood thing about him


Links Mentioned

Chris Krimitsos
Florida Podcast Association
Podfest Multimedia Expo.
Katie Krimitsos
Biz Women Rock
The Colon Cancer Alliance
Greig Trout
Marc Maron Podcast
Stupid Cancer
Glenn the Geek
The Colon Cancer Podcast Websites
The Cancer Radio Network Website
Twitter – @CancerRadioNet

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