May 25, 2022

293 Lindsay Tjepkema - Making a Podcast the Nucleus of Your Marketing Strategy

293 Lindsay Tjepkema - Making a Podcast the Nucleus of Your Marketing Strategy
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Episode Summary

Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and co-founder of Casted, the first Amplified Marketing Platform and the only audio and video podcast solution designed for enterprise marketers. Today, Lindsay and Harry touch on adapting business practices in the midst of a pandemic, how to create compelling content, and what it means to provide value and enhance the podcasting industry for B2B marketers. Lindsay shouts out mentors who have helped shape her career arc and what Casted looks for in prospective clients.  

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Key Takeaways

06:26 – Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and co-founder of Casted, joins the show to discuss her passion for marketing, running her own company, and her podcast origin story 

11:10 – Learning how to create compelling content and the inspiration to launch Casted 

16:02 – Providing value and enhancing the podcasting industry for B2B marketers and building a stellar team 

24:01 – The workflow of Casted, distribution of content and tracking URLs 

34:37 – How Lindsay helps podcasters expand the conversation outside of the episode 

36:41 – Lindsay’s growth as a podcast host and mentors who have impacted her career trajectory 

44:34 – Adjusting to business life during a pandemic and fostering an empathetic and understanding culture 

48:44 – Something Lindsay has changed her mind about recently and what excites her most about the future of podcasting 

52:15 – Casted’s ideal prospective client 

52:48 – Harry thanks Lindsay for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her and learn more about Casted 

Tweetable Quotes

“I’m not constantly tinkering. I don’t have a thousand business ideas. I have lived experience. And I lived as a B2B marketer for fifteen years. I’ve seen it from every angle. I’ve seen things go well and things not go well. I’ve seen the shiny new objects, the new platforms and the new channels. The one thing that’s always been true to me is human connection. So it was that that innately told me that podcasting and video are good.”(14:17) (Lindsay) 

“We integrate with different CRMs, different CMS, with different marketing automation platforms with the B2B marketer in mind. Where are they working now? Where are their teams working? What are they already using that we need to flow into, pull from, push to to make their lives easier and help them get maximum value out of the creative work they’re doing?”(26:30) (Lindsay) 

“You need to slow down in order to generate better results. You need to focus on creating really great content, which is probably going to come at the cost of quantity. Better quality, even if it comes at the cost of quantity, can make it really good. But then that’s where this approach of amplification comes into play. Take the time to get really intentional about creating something meaningful.”(28:41) (Lindsay) 

“It’s not just about the show, it’s about what was said. It’s about everything in it. It’s about the content that’s there. And then, that’s where you get to get really creative as a marketer around what else am I gonna do with it. How am I gonna use it in lots of different ways to build those connections?”(36:09) (Lindsay) 

“One thing that I’ve been advocating for and that we at Casted have been advocating for is that podcasting should be the center [of your marketing strategy]. Your podcast should be the middle and your audio and video content should be the nucleus of everything else you’re doing and we’re starting to see that.”(51:56) (Lindsay)

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