Dec. 3, 2020

242 Liz Gannes - In the Room Where It Happens

242 Liz Gannes - In the Room Where It Happens

06:00 – Liz Gannes joins the podcast to discuss her career trajectory and where her passion for journalism started 

14:36 – Liz shares her thoughts on the impact social media has had on society and, particular, how we consume news 

17:54 – Liz talks about her podcast origin story and how she consumes content 

22:12 – Liz opens up on how she earned a fellowship at Stanford University and the work she’s at 60db and Google 

34:45 – Liz speaks to her passion for local news and the importance of these local outlets 

44:39 – Liz provides best practices and strategies for those looking to start a podcast 

50:43 – What is something that Liz has changed his mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Liz

53:07 – Harry thanks Liz for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her 


“I wouldn’t say I was trying to create technology. I was just interested in it as a story.” (09:12)

“Having a dad who’s a reporter can be a little hard sometimes. I feel like, as a kid, he was always finding the storyline, running through things that I thought were large problems that he thought he could really simply. And sometimes you don’t really want your problems to be simplified.” (14:20)

“I would call myself a fairly early podcast junkie. I’ve been excited to see how podcasts have expanded because in the early days they related a lot to the same kind of topics that were for that early adopter audience.” (18:49)

“At a startup you can dream up ideas, make them come true – engineering willing – and have two people use them. And at Google, you can dream up ideas, make endless decks about what they could be and potentially be able to do them on a much bigger scale.” (28:20)

“Local [news] is something that we value very highly and are working to understand how we can help those local outlets, how we can recognize the new and emerging local outlets and how we can just connect our users to them.” (35:58)

“That is my pitch is that your podcast doesn’t need to be two hours long, news or not.” (46:55)

“Here’s my hill to die on. Everyone is a news reader. Everyone’s interested in the news. I know that the news can be overwhelming and that you want to turn it off sometimes and look inward. But, knowing what’s going on in the world around you is important.” (54:12)





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