149 Mark Ramsey | Creating Impact Through Audio Immersive Stories

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Here’s the Recap:

Mark Ramsey is the host of Inside The Exorcist and Inside Psycho, podcasts that dive deep to tell the stories behind the making of legendary blockbuster movies. Mark’s podcasts are essentially a television series without pictures, audio graphic novels and biopics where the listener is immersed in sounds that help paint the picture and masterfully accompany the storytelling to create an unforgettable Orwellianesque audio experience.

If you haven’t listened to Mark’s podcasts yet, I’ve included a brief sample of Inside The Exorcist at the end of this podcast that is sure to grasp you and make you hit that subscribe button.

What We Covered:

  • 04:22 – How he got connected with Hernan Lopez of Wondery
  • 05:18 – Mark’s podcasting experience and his thoughts on the podcasting space
  • 06:42 – His thoughts on Netflix and its myriad of choices
  • 07:59 – When he first learned of podcasts and what he thought about the name
  • 09:05 – It shouldn’t be so difficult to listen to a podcast
  • 10:46 – Mark talks about how he came up with the Inside Psycho podcast series
  • 14:20 – His response to people that say his podcasts are not accurate
  • 16:36 – If non-fictional stories are more impactful than fictional stories
  • 16:54 – Alfred Hitchcock and his über successful movie, Psycho
  • 18:41 – The process of making art and what he hopes comes out of his shows
  • 19:26 – HBO’s documentary on Steven Spielberg
  • 21:12 – Replicating the success recipe of Silence of the Lambs on his shows
  • 23:12 – His ever evolving storytelling skills and the importance of audio in storytelling
  • 25:34 – Using silence as a color in storytelling
  • 27:03 – Creating your own unique format instead of replicating other shows
  • 29:44 – How the podcasting space has room for innovation
  • 30:38 – What you can expect to hear on the first episode of Inside The Exorcist
  • 31:39 – Where he feels his interest lies
  • 32:45 – The problem with video and how the audio medium compares to it
  • 36:41 – The people who have influenced Mark’s work
  • 43:10 – What he’s changed his mind about recently


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