292 Mathew Passy | Storytelling & Connecting with Audiences Over Corporatization in Podcasts

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Here’s the Recap:

Mathew Passy is a professional podcast consultant. Actually, he’s The Podcast Consultant who helps brands, small businesses and individuals use podcasts and podcast advertising to connect with smart and engaged audiences. Today, Mathew and Harry engage in a dialogue about Mathew’s background in audio and why there’s still a major competition between the radio and podcasting industries. They talk about cryptocurrency and the decentralization of finance, the corporatization of podcasts, and the work Mathew is doing in localized content.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:32 – Mathew Passy joins the show to discuss everything from vertical farming and Covid-19, to Joe Rogan and selling sponsorships before launch
  • 19:41 – Mathew’s podcast origin story and how he went from a Production Associate at The Wall Street Journal to a podcast consultant
  • 32:01 – The rich history of radio and why the industry still clashes with podcasts
  • 37:19 – Mathew recalls the most memorable moments of his time working in radio
  • 40:30 – Cryptocurrency, NFTs and decentralization of finance
  • 43:23 – Discovering the podcasting community
  • 49:32 – Corporatization of podcasts and how to keep that niche feeling
  • 52:47 – The work Mathew is doing in localized content
  • 56:30 – Something Mathew has changed his mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about him
  • 59:00 – Harry thanks Mathew for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him and learn more about The Podcast Consultant



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