Dec. 12, 2020

243 Maura Hughes - Podcasting is a Community

243 Maura Hughes - Podcasting is a Community
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06:00 – Maura Hughes joins the podcast to discuss the culture of MeetEdgar, the work she’s doing there and the impact that COVID-19 has had on her work  

12:25 – Maura shares her podcast origin story and the production of the MeetEdgar’s Social Post podcast  

21:29 – Maura speaks to the importance of making podcast content relatable for your audience  

25:14 – How Maura approaches ideas to make podcasts better  

30:18 – Maura provides best practices and tips for repurposing and sharing content  

45:14 – What excites Maura about the future of marketing and podcasting  

48:02 – What is something that Maura has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Maura  

50:08 – Harry thanks Maura for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her 


“There’s possibility on the Internet. You can build a business on the Internet by using your own skills. And, this pandemic has made a lot of people think that way and start wondering, ‘How can I take advantage of it?’” (08:19)

“And that’s fun. It’s fun to be with people who are constantly saying, ‘Well, what if tried this?’ We’ll give anything a shot once and I think that, in this space, it’s a really fun place to be in for sure.” (10:58)

“One of the things that we always preach is, ‘You have to maximize your content. You need to be smart about how you use your content because there’s only one of you – there’s only twenty-four hours in the day – so you can’t be constantly creating.” (14:16)

“I think if you’re a content creator of any type, if you’re a podcaster, you should always listen to what your audience wants. They are the commodity. They’re the ones who are gonna help you be better.” (22:08)

“If you build that community, and you listen to them and you give them content they want, they will follow you through all different iterations of your career.” (24:35)

“People are busy. People are trying to cut back on their social media. Everyone’s on a different time schedule. If you’re only sharing something one time – whether it’s your newest podcast episode or a sale that you’re having – you’re really doing yourself a disservice.” (32:30)

“My advice to everyone is use ten to twenty minutes to go into social media and actually engage with your audience.” (37:08)

“I just think audio as a medium is becoming more mainstream. And when that happens, the more fun things people start doing and experimenting with. And, I’m excited to see how that grows in this industry.” (47:47)





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