Aug. 6, 2021

271 Mealey & Tudisco - Edupoding the Masses

271 Mealey & Tudisco - Edupoding the Masses
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Harry welcomes to the show, teachers and podcast hosts, Mealey & Tudsicso. Mealey and Tudisco are the hosts of Unprofessional Development, a show that showcases real teachers telling real stories and sharing their wisdom, insights and experience from the world of education. In this episode, Mealey & Tudisco share the story of how they met and what inspired them to bring their unique perspective on education to a podcast. They talk about their own real-life stories from the classroom and reflect on their growth as podcast hosts. Finally, they discuss how the global pandemic impacted their podcast and regale the audience with the backstory of how they attained an unbelievable guest for their show.




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06:36 – Harry welcomes to the show Mealey & Tudisco, hosts of Unprofessional Development, who share their background as teachers and the story of how they met

17:32 – Bringing a different perspective to education

20:37 – Planning a show with curiosity and hosting Edupodlooza

24:10 – Mealey & Tudisco reflect on their growth as podcast hosts and how it’s impacted their friendship

32:31 – A global pandemic, two teachers and Tony Danza

42:40 – Peeking behind the teacher curtain with stories from Mealey & Tudisco

51:12 – Surprising revelations Mealey & Tudisco discovered about each other

53:42 – Something Mealey & Tudisco have changed their minds about recently

57:50 – Harry thanks Mealey & Tudisco for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can connect with them




“Educational podcasts do for podcasts what educational games do for games.” (12:08) (Tudisco)

“I think what’s made us very aware of our audience is a little bit of the fear of being fired. So, that consciousness is always there. And I think partially being teachers also makes us aware of that.” (19:43) (Mealey)

“I think honestly we had just really good chemistry on it from the get-go. We rarely if ever had any long or awkward pauses.” (24:30) (Tudisco)

“One of the weirder things to me that was funny is that Tony [Danza] still uses an AOL email.” (38:21) (Mealey)

“If you’re good at it, teaching is about relationships and building relationships with people who are struggling.” (45:38) (Tudisco)

“I care less and less about grades all the time.” (53:56) (Mealey)




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