298 Mike McAllen | Spirituality, Coping with Loss, & Putting Out Fires

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Here’s the Recap:

Author, speaker, podcast strategist and Founder of Podcasting4Association, Mike McAllen joins the show to discuss life growing up in California, his eclectic background outside of podcasting and how he got involved in working with Associations. Mike is on a mission to create the future of membership-based successful podcasts that get attention and build revenue. Today, Harry and Mike open up about their shared experiences with trauma and loss, Mike’s time spent as a firefighter and the power of being of service to others.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:38 – Mike McAllen joins the show to discuss the trials and triumphs of podcasting and the work he did at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley
  • 23:57 – Life growing up in California and Mike’s fondest memory of being a firefighter
  • 32:35 – What makes Mike so unique
  • 36:28 – Advice for those looking to start an Association
  • 40:06 – How Mike got involved in Podcasting4Associations
  • 44:03 – Spirituality and coping with the trauma of loss
  • 48:15 – Mike recalls the story of someone breaking into his garage
  • 51:46 – The power of being of service to others
  • 52:51 – Something Mike has changed his mind about recently and where listeners can go to connect with Mike



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