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Here’s the Recap:

Morgan Dix is the co-founder and creative director for About Mediation, as well as the host of The OneMind Meditation podcast. He has 15 years of formal meditation training in a contemporary yoga and meditation ashram, where he also created online courses and learning opportunities for thousands of people. Morgan talks on how he found meditation, his involvement with EnlightenNext, and the key differences between mindfulness and meditation.

What We Covered:

  • 04:35 – I love to leave background noises in.
  • 08:10 – Morgan and I talk about EnlightenNext.
  • 15:00 – Morgan talks on why he started his meditation podcast, About Meditation.
  • 24:05 – How did Morgan get interested in meditation?
  • 35:45 – Being in the present is so powerful.
  • 36:35 – What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
  • 48:55 – Who were Morgan's mentors?
  • 57:00 – We have to field test what we've learned from our mentors and teachers.
  • 58:35 – Morgan talks about his work with Meditation.com
  • 01:04 – What has the response to Morgan's podcast been like?
  • 01:07 – What has Morgan changed his mind about recently?


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