March 3, 2021

253 Neetal Parekh - Helping Others Reach Their Impact Potential

253 Neetal Parekh - Helping Others Reach Their Impact Potential
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06:00 – Harry welcomes Neetal Parekh to the show to discuss her passion for yoga and how COVID-19 has impacted her business  

15:14 – Neetal speaks to what inspired her to pursue an education with a strong focus on social change and impact  

18:14 – Identifying companies with corporate social responsibility  

20:58 – Neetal’s experience as an Instructor of Social Enterprise  

22:12 – Neetal breaks down some of the jargon she uses in her work, such as CSR and B Corp, and the social progress companies have made over the past few decades  

28:12 – The inspiration to start Innov8Social and the direction Neetal sees the company going as it continues to grow  

30:52 – Neetal’s podcast origin story and how her production workflow has evolved  

41:25 – How Neetal formats her podcast  

45:07 – Harry and Neetal talk about the latest popular app, Clubhouse  

48:29 – Neetal talks about early feedback she received on her podcast  

49:40 – Neetal discusses mentors who have helped her along the way, something she has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about her  

53:26 – Harry thanks Neetal for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her and Innov8Social 


“For my work in social enterprise and entrepreneurship, it [COVID-19] has meant thinking about how to bring things online and virtual and still create meaningful experiences.” (07:39)  

“I think what we didn’t see that we are seeing now is companies that prioritize impact as much as they do profit.” (19:52)  

“Now we say our mission is to make social entrepreneurship more accessible, actionable and transformative.” (29:00)  

“There are great platforms that let you record both sides so you get the best quality from both sides. And that’s a huge innovation that was now made available to everyone whereas before that you’d have to ask your guest to record it on their side. Now it’s much more seamless.” (37:14)  

“I think of it [Clubhouse] as a podcaster’s playground. We already know we love audio. So to be able to connect to people through audio, there’s really an authenticity to that.” (45:51)  

“I love the social impact space. But it will not serve me and the many people who will come after me unless they find a viable path. So we have to stand up for that so we make it easier for the next person.” (52:53) 





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