July 22, 2019

199 Rock Felder and Zach Moreno - SquadCast. Go Big or Go Home.

199  Rock Felder and Zach Moreno - SquadCast. Go Big or Go Home.

Harry Duran welcomes to the podcast entrepreneurs Zach Moreno and Rock Felder. Zach and Rock are longtime friends and business partners who co-founded SquadCast, a platform that helps podcasters easily record interviews with their guests and co-hosts from anywhere in the world captured in studio quality. Zach and Rock also host the podcast, Between 2 Mics, a show that explores the challenges, opportunities, & new ideas that push the limits of what is possible in Podcasting. In this episode, Harry talks with Zach and Rock about the genesis of their bootstrap startup company and the lessons they have learned throughout their entrepreneurial journey. They share their biggest fears and discuss the nurturing and supportive nature of the podcasting community. Finally, Zach and Rock reflect on the key factors that were integral to their success, including communication, shared vision and trust.

04:34 – Harry welcomes Zach and Rock to the podcast
04:49 – How Harry met Zach and Rock
06:50 – Attending Podcast Movement
08:06 – The genesis of SquadCast
12:06 – How Rock got involved in SquadCast
15:13 – Working out the bugs
16:52 – The Bootstrap Startup
17:33 – Leaving a steady paycheck to work on SquadCast fulltime
21:41 – Initial intentions for SquadCast
25:24 – The importance of the podcasting community
29:08 – Harry talks about the supportive nature of the podcasting community
31:03 – Lessons learned throughout the podcasting process
32:02 – How Zach and Rock first met
36:42 – The importance of shared vision and communication
39:50 – How trust and complementary skills are key success factors for Zach and Rock
41:08 – Zach shares his biggest fear
43:19 – Rock shares his biggest fear
45:26 – What inspired Zach and Rock to start their own podcast, Between 2 Mics
48:41 – What Rock has learned from being a podcast host
51:26 – What is something Zach has changed his mind about recently
52:57 – What is something Rock has changed his mind about recently
54:54 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Zach
57:08 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Rock
59:45 – Zach and Rock share a special promo code for Podcast Junkies listeners
1:00:43 – Where listeners can follow Zach, Rock and SquadCast

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