Dec. 22, 2020

244 Russ Johns - Kindness Is Cool & Smiles Are Free

244 Russ Johns - Kindness Is Cool & Smiles Are Free

06:00 – Russ Johns joins the show to share his podcast origin story, his background in music and his experience with trauma and resilience 

18:32 – Russ speaks to the importance he places on kindness 

20:39 – The inspiration to start #PirateBroadcast and the decision to live stream content instead of recording it 

31:34 – Russ details the growth and progression he’s experienced as a podcast host and interviewer 

35:27 – Russ opens up about his personal journey of growth and self-discovery 


“I’ve always been a life-long learner and that’s what led me to podcasting.” (13:56)

“Everybody has a choice to be responsible for their future, their actions, and what they’re looking forward to.” (17:40)

“There’s two statements that I always share with people. Kindness is cool and smiles are free.” (18:38)

“How can I add value to the rest of the world? The biggest takeaway for me is that I got in a groove and I love the opportunity to help other people and share that message. As long as I keep doing that, it’s always gonna keep coming back to me.” (32:58)

“I truly believe that we are the accumulation of our experience.” (36:27)





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