244 Russ Johns | Kindness Is Cool & Smiles Are Free

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Here’s the Recap:

Livestreaming strategist and podcast producer, Russ Johns, joins the show to talk about the work he’s doing at The Pirate Syndicate. Russ is the host of #PirateBroadcast, a show that brings all kinds of topics to the table with a common thread of thinking outside the box while still being kind. In this episode, Harry and Russ discuss the content creation process, the current state of the podcast industry and the importance of being kind and paying it forward.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:00 – Russ Johns joins the show to share his podcast origin story, his background in music and his experience with trauma and resilience
  • 18:32 – Russ speaks to the importance he places on kindness
  • 20:39 – The inspiration to start #PirateBroadcast and the decision to live stream content instead of recording it
  • 31:34 – Russ details the growth and progression he’s experienced as a podcast host and interviewer
  • 35:27 – Russ opens up about his personal journey of growth and self-discovery


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