Dec. 31, 2020

245 Sarah St John - Frugal, Yet Fierce

245 Sarah St John - Frugal, Yet Fierce

06:00 – Sarah St John joins the podcast to discuss her entrepreneurial journey, the value of using podcasts as a marketing tool and her book, Frugalpreneur  

16:41 – How Sarah decides what content and guests to include on Frugalpreneur  

27:30 – Sarah speaks to how she integrates affiliate marketing into her podcast  

31:48 – Sarah discusses the reception and feedback she’s gotten on her show  

35:15 – Sarah’s goals for the future of her show, Frugalpreneur  

45:41 – Sarah shares her love of animals and travel

50:55 – What is something that Sarah has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Sarah

52:40 – Harry thanks Sarah for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“I feel that you need to have a podcast as a business card. Or, if you have a business, use the podcast as part of your marketing.” (11:06)

“Starting in 2021, I’m shifting gears slightly to where I’m gonna be interviewing people who stated their business with less than one thousand dollars and built it to a million dollars without any venture capital.” (18:24)

“Right now, I’m focusing on finding people to interview for the podcast that will fit what I’m doing.” (23:06)

“I’d love to go to Aruba because they have a flamingo and an iguana beach. I guess I just like travel experiences that involve animals.” (47:39)  

“Before COVID, I was already planning on closing my travel business because I realized that I like all things podcasting more and wanted to focus on that.” (49:13)





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