Aug. 6, 2020

230 Scott Miller - Thought Leadership: A New Frontier

230 Scott Miller - Thought Leadership: A New Frontier

06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Scott Miller who speaks to his background and roots, how he got involved in podcasting and the work he does with FranklinCovey

19:08 – Scott expounds on how he has grown as a podcast host, including the research that goes into each interview and mastering the art of listening 

26:12 – The genesis of the ON Leadership Podcast and the importance of understanding people’s motives 

34:50 – Scott breaks down the fundamental leadership competency of self-awareness 

37:44 – Scott discusses overcoming interviewing challenges such as ensuring conversations stay on track 

41:05 – Scott’s career journey to FranklinCovey, what he learned during his tenure there and his relationship with Stephen Covey 

48:09 – Scott shares his thoughts on why leadership is so important and yet so overlooked 

52:34 – What is something that Scott has changed his mind about recently and what is the most misunderstood thing about Scott

58:56 – Harry thanks Scott for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow him


“Two weeks ago I interviewed Elizabeth Smart. She’s not a CEO or a business titan. But she’s an influential person when it comes to forgiveness and compassion and moving forward which is part of the competency of being a leader.” (14:14)

“When I get someone in the podcast – Carly Fiorina, Doris Kearns Goodwin, General McChrystal, whoever it is – I make sure that I have researched them, listened to them, followed their career, and tried to bring out their wisdom as much as possible.” (23:38)

“Thought Leadership is the new public relations. Period. It is the mouthpiece of the firm.” (27:07)

“You just described the essence of great leadership and that is really self-awareness. We all think we are more self-aware than we are.” (35:22)

“I think my job is to make them [podcast interviewees] look good because a lot of these people have spent their entire lives either helping other people or building a platform for other people to benefit from. And if I can give something back to them too then I think that is deserved.” (40:47)

“Where do you leave and go to after FranklinCovey, the White House? Honestly, this is an amazing brand; it’s an iconic brand. And it’s a collection of really fine people. So culture has kept me here.” (44:14)

“Bad leaders aren’t bad people. They’re good people with bad training.” (49:43)




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