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Here’s the Recap:

Scott Miller is an Executive Vice President (EVP) of Thought Leadership at FraklinCovey a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and Inc.com columnist. He is also the host of ON Leadership, a weekly podcast from FranklinCovey that provides helpful tips and advice on how to become a better leader. In this episode, Harry and Scott discuss the genesis of the ON Leadership podcast and how Scott has grown as a podcast host and interviewer. Scott expounds on his passion for leadership, the role of thought leadership and the fundamental leadership competencies of self-awareness, listening and compassion.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Scott Miller who speaks to his background and roots, how he got involved in podcasting and the work he does with FranklinCovey
  • 19:08 – Scott expounds on how he has grown as a podcast host, including the research that goes into each interview and mastering the art of listening
  • 26:12 – The genesis of the ON Leadership Podcast and the importance of understanding people’s motives
  • 34:50 – Scott breaks down the fundamental leadership competency of self-awareness
  • 37:44 – Scott discusses overcoming interviewing challenges such as ensuring conversations stay on track
  • 41:05 – Scott’s career journey to FranklinCovey, what he learned during his tenure there and his relationship with Stephen Covey
  • 48:09 – Scott shares his thoughts on why leadership is so important and yet so overlooked
  • 52:34 – What is something that Scott has changed his mind about recently and what is the most misunderstood thing about Scott
  • 58:56 – Harry thanks Scott for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can follow him


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