June 18, 2021

265 Scott Miller - Storytelling & Abundance Mindset

265 Scott Miller - Storytelling & Abundance Mindset
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06:00 – Harry welcomes back to the show, Scott Miller, who speaks to how the global pandemic impacted him and what motivated him to write a second book

17:37 – How Scott handled educating his children on preparedness amidst this pandemic

20:28 – Scott speaks to the ten-part Mess to Success Series he’s currently working on

31:19 – Scott talks about the concept of finding the smallest viable market

33:43 – How Scott gets the most value out of his podcast guests

36:23 – The importance of friending your competition and hiring people who are smarter than you

41:20 – Scott recalls some of the best advice he’s received from his team and how he handles controversial guests

48:23 – Scott and Harry talk about the value of engaging in civil discussions with those you don’t necessarily agree with

51:22 – Scott stresses why it’s vital to develop your storytelling craft

58:14 – Scott reflects on where he is currently in the story of Scott Miller

1:01:00 – Harry thanks Scott for joining the show


“I worked twenty-five years inside of a corporate giant. But I think the pandemic, like for all of us, changed everybody’s values. So, I want to spend the next half of my career teaching people the lessons that I’ve learned.” (11:27)

“All that matters is our relationships and helping each other. That’s all that matters.” (19:51)

“Instead of net fishing, you should be spear fishing. How do you create the most successful podcast with the fewest number of listeners?” (31:59)

“Leadership is a broad category. Leadership is culture. Leadership is sales. Leadership is profit. Leadership is customers. Leadership is marketing. Leadership is brand.” (34:27)

“I also just think there’s two types of mindsets, a scarce mindset and an abundance mindset. I just do not believe that the podcast I host is smaller because you host your podcast.” (37:57)

“I do not like to kick people when they’re down. If someone deserves to be kicked, I’ll call them up and kick them. And I won’t tell you that I kicked them. Or I won’t vote for them. But I generally believe that if someone is coming on my podcast, my job is to give them a platform where they can share what it is they’re talking about. I’m not a journalist, I’m a podcast host.” (47:10)

“You learn, as a podcast host, bruise hard, heal fast. You cannot serve all people all the time.” (50:41)

“Storytelling is such a valuable skill for CEOs, for CFOs. What is our story? Where are we going? How are you part of that? What is the antagonist? How can you be part of the solution? What does success look like? What does it feel like? Same as a podcast guest.” (54:24)





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