Feb. 20, 2021

252 Shelby Stanger - Not Sitting Still: Podcasting, Surfing and Finding Answers in the Ocean

252 Shelby Stanger - Not Sitting Still: Podcasting, Surfing and Finding Answers in the Ocean

06:00 – Harry welcomes Shelby Stanger to the show to discuss her passion for surfing, writing and podcasting  

16:23 – What inspired Shelby to become a writer and Shelby’s podcast origin story  

25:19 – Early successes and challenges Shelby faced in the early phases of podcasting  

30:29 – How Shelby got involved with REI  

36:10 – Advice Shelby would give to aspiring podcast hosts and interviewers

41:49 – Harry and Shelby discuss the process of securing sponsors  

48:39 – Shelby talks about overcoming Imposter Syndrome  

52:02 – What is something that Shelby has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Shelby  

55:02 – Harry thanks Shelby for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her and the projects she’s currently working on


“There’s this big movement of representation and how it matters. And I didn’t even understand it. But when I think about surfing and seeing someone who looks like you doing it, you feel like you can do it.” (11:33)  

“The ocean also helped me because in the ocean I found answers that I could never find with a pen and paper.” (16:52)  

“That’s what a podcast is. It’s just the interview, which was my favorite part of journalism and the part I think I excelled at the best.” (22:03)  

“I’m more methodical now about how I make my decisions. I say, ‘No’ more. I say ‘Yes’ to things that matter and, ‘No’ to everything else.” (24:39)  

“Interviewing was easy; getting guests was no problem. I think just the technical part of launching and all the little things you have to do I was a little blown away by. And then also letting go. You were really good at coaching me to just put it out there even if it isn’t perfect.” (25:28)  

“We’ve lost our collective sense of humor as a country. Laughter is really important medicine along with nutrition and sleep which is what I’m exploring in this new show.” (33:59)  

“For my health show, I’ve identified what do I eat, what do I drink, what do I wear, what do I like, what brings me joy? And what company can I help reach a demographic that I also reach?” (43:34)  

“I’m just trying not to be judgmental of people during this pandemic.” (52:07)





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