Nov. 20, 2020

241 Skye Pillsbury - Good Will Come

241 Skye Pillsbury - Good Will Come

06:00 – Skye Pillsbury joins the podcast to share her podcast origin story 

14:30 – How Skye found her written voice and became a creator of compelling content 

18:41 – Skye and Harry discuss the power of the podcasting community and share what inspired them to start their own respective podcasts 

26:59 – Harry and Skye talks about the business of podcasting and Harry speaks to the preparation he puts into the production of his show 

37:49 – What’s next for Skye 

52:13 – What is something that Skye has changed his mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Skye 

59:56 – Harry thanks Skye for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“I really, really miss being with people in this [podcast] community.” (06:27)

“Podcasts just hit me in this way. I had an ache – a literal, physical ache in my body – of wanting to dive in more and be involved in this community.” (10:34)

“I don’t know how I found it, but I did find it. I think it’s just one of those things where you don’t really know you have a voice until you’re already there.” (17:04)

“I love to talk to anyone who’s making a living in podcasting. Ya know what I mean? It can be hard out there, as they say.” (33:49)

“There’s also that insecurity of, ‘Will people subscribe to another newsletter or will people be interested in whatever work I produce next?’ I still don’t know the answer to that question, but I’d feel pretty lame if I didn’t at least try.” (43:47)

“This is what podcasts do. They let you be a fly on the wall on some conversation that maybe you could never have and learn something.” (53:34)

“I keep thinking that I am alive exactly when I want to be alive. This is an incredible time. Lots of it is tumultuous and sorrowful and painful, but it is fascinating and I’m glad to be here. I’m glad to be part of the generation that is experiencing this because hopefully good will come.” (56:56)





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