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Here’s the Recap:

In this Srinivas Rao Interview, we talk to the creator of Blogcast.FM, which has now evolved into The Unmistakable Creative Podcast. Srini has fascinating life story with plenty of ups and downs along the way and, to use his favorite analogy, has managed to ride the waves. His is a great story of perseverance and with his new Creative Salon and Instigator Experience projects, thinks are looking well.

Full transcript available here. Send comments to feedback@podcastjunkies.com.

What We Covered:

  • 04:00 – The Salon concept and the benefits of live
  • 05:40 – Srini’s mindeset during the actual event
  • 07:40 – New cities for the live salon
  • 09:40 – The challenges of finding fresh guests for the podcast
  • 14:35 – The analogy of a conversation as riding a wave
  • 15:30 – The importance of surfing in Srini’s life
  • 19:15 – The origins of Blogcast.FM
  • 22:00 – How to transition after a successful big event
  • 23:25 – Planning for next year’s Instigator Experience
  • 26:00 – How Facebook posts turned into the book
  • 26:15 – The inspiration behind the book
  • 27:50 – The challenges from a cultural perspective
  • 31:20 – The importance of creating your individual blueprint
  • 33:55 – “Your brain changes the goalposts for what success looks like”
  • 34:55 – How much of this is driven by our egos?
  • 36:50 – The Glenn Beck Effect
  • 39:30 – The evolution of Srini’s interview style
  • 41:10 – What are the things challengin Sri?
  • 43:35 – How Sri picks guests for the show

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