Jan. 29, 2021

249 Stacey Simms - Don’t Be Afraid to Sound Awkward

249 Stacey Simms - Don’t Be Afraid to Sound Awkward
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06:00 – Harry welcomes Stacey Simms to the podcast to discuss her podcast origin story, when she started creating content on the Internet and how that morphed into the Diabetes Connections podcast  

15:37 – Stacey speaks to her background in journalism including her fondest memory  

21:33 – Stacey shares the inspiration to start Diabetes Connections and the differences between radio and podcasting  

29:01 – Stacey explains why the topic of diabetes is so close to her heart and how she earned the tongue-in-cheek title of ‘World’s Worst Diabetes Mom’  

34:41 – How Stacey structures her podcast and how she attracted sponsors  

41:16 – Harry and Stacey discuss the business side of podcasting  

49:39 – How Stacey has grown as a podcast interviewer  

55:40 – What is something that Stacey has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Stacey  

1:02:33 – Harry thanks Stacey for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“Over time, that’s what led me to start my podcast in 2015. I started Diabetes Connections in the summer of 2015 because – like a lot of people who listen to podcasts – I realized that the one I wanted didn’t exist and I had to create it myself.” (13:28)  

“When you’re in radio and television, crazy funny things happen, and you just go with it.” (20:10)  

“One of the philosophies I brought over from radio was put your listeners first. Just put your listeners first in any decision you’re trying to make and the decisions will be extremely easy. And that helps me along the way.” (26:36)  

“I had about 125 listeners per episode after four weeks. But I knew that those were very valuable listeners because they’re older, they have a lot of money and they want to spend it.” (38:28)  

“I would like to do a talk or be on a panel about selling your show without selling your soul. I think above board ethics help you, help your show and help your listeners.” (45:11)  

“One place that I’ve grown is in really letting my interviewees breath. I’m less afraid of silence than I was in the beginning.” (49:51)  

“It’s one of the wonderful things about podcasting in that you really can be less than perfect if you’re trying and you’re genuine and you’re open.” (54:38) 





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