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Here’s the Recap:

Broadcaster, author and podcaster, Stacey Simms joins the show to talk about her podcast Diabetes Connections, a show that interviews Type-1 diabetes advocates, authors and speakers and asks hard questions of healthcare companies and tech developers. Stacey is a well-known and highly regarded speaker who has addressed groups on topics including diabetes, parenting and media. She is an award-winning radio news host and TV anchor/reporter with more than 20 years of broadcast news experience. In this episode, Harry and Stacey talk about Stacey’s background in journalism, the way she structures her podcast interviews and the importance of above-board ethics and being honest with your listeners as it pertains to sponsorships. Stacey opens up her son’s diagnosis with Type-1 Diabetes, her career path and how she has grown as a podcast host.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:00 – Harry welcomes Stacey Simms to the podcast to discuss her podcast origin story, when she started creating content on the Internet and how that morphed into the Diabetes Connections podcast
  • 15:37 – Stacey speaks to her background in journalism including her fondest memory
  • 21:33 – Stacey shares the inspiration to start Diabetes Connections and the differences between radio and podcasting
  • 29:01 – Stacey explains why the topic of diabetes is so close to her heart and how she earned the tongue-in-cheek title of ‘World’s Worst Diabetes Mom’
  • 34:41 – How Stacey structures her podcast and how she attracted sponsors
  • 41:16 – Harry and Stacey discuss the business side of podcasting
  • 49:39 – How Stacey has grown as a podcast interviewer
  • 55:40 – What is something that Stacey has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Stacey
  • 1:02:33 – Harry thanks Stacey for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


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