Jan. 14, 2021

247 Stephanie Fuccio - Ex-Pat & Pro-Pod

247 Stephanie Fuccio - Ex-Pat & Pro-Pod
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06:00 – Stephanie Fuccio joins the podcast to share her podcasting origin story and her experience travelling and living in other countries 

15:55 – Stephanie speaks to what inspired her to start multiple other podcasts 

18:47 – Harry and Stephanie share how they have grown as podcast hosts and interviewers 

31:26 – Stephanie lists the incredible number of podcasts she’s working on 

35:17 – Stephanie shares the origin story behind Podcast Review Day (PodRevDay) and biggest lessons she’s learned from working on this project 

51:20 – What is something that Stephanie has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Stephanie 

55:36 – Harry thanks Stephanie for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her 


“I had never been in a place where I couldn’t read. I’m a huge reader and, for me, something is real when I can read it.” (13:39)

“When I was listening back and editing my own podcast, I realized that there’s something that happens to our voices when we’re talking to each other. There’s an energy that comes through, there’s a connection.” (17:24)

“I’m ninety-nine percent curiosity and one percent podcaster. I’m curious about my guests which is why they’re there. I want to know things.” (27:28)

“I think it’s way easier to interview someone one-on-one than it is to stand up in a conference.” (46:28)

“I just really love exploring. I love learning about different cultures. And when I live outside my home culture it’s easier to do that.” (53:52)





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