May 7, 2021

260 Sue Stockdale - Making History at the Magnetic North Pole

260 Sue Stockdale - Making History at the Magnetic North Pole

06:00 – Harry welcomes Sue Stockdale to the show to discuss her work as an executive coach, the importance of mentorship and the decision to launch her podcast, Access to Inspiration

11:56 – Sue shares the story of her adventure becoming the first UK woman to ski the Magnetic North Pole

16:28 – Sue shares her thoughts on failure

18:13 – Sue expounds on her passion for outdoor sports and lessons she’s learned from her travels

20:35 – Sue’s podcast origin story

22:28 – Sue talks about the potent combination of listening and movement

24:33 – Sue defines Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, and how she’s utilized this skill

28:09 – Sue speaks to the importance of asking the right questions

32:22 – What motivated Sue to start her own podcast and early challenges she faced along the way

35:09 – How Sue formats her podcast episodes and seasons and the boundaries she sets for herself

43:10 – Practices Sue has implemented to put her guests into the right mindset

46:19 – Sue reflects on her growth as a podcast host and recalls her favorite interview

49:47 – What is something that Sue has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Sue

53:05 – Harry thanks Sue for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with her


“The world evolves and we as human beings evolve. What I wanted to learn from a mentor twenty odd years ago is quite different from what I want to learn today. It’s the nuanced, it’s the subtly of the behavior or the skill that you want to practice and learn from.” (09:23)

“Failure isn’t about disaster. Failure is about learning and picking yourself up and making sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.” (16:19)

“I quite like to not necessarily give my sole attention to the podcast when I’m having that experience. But I think there’s something really important about movement. Listening and movement is a really potent combination, I find.” (22:28)

“Neuro being your brain, your mind, linguistic being the language you’re speaking, and the programming is how are you programming the language you’re using. I also then think about this idea of modeling excellence. So, if I see somebody that’s really great at a particular skill or behaving in a particular way, there’s a whole series of questions that help to uncover what it is they’re doing, often unconsciously.” (24:50)

“I think that’s what podcast hosts can also do is to be able to help the guest get out of their own way and uncover some new insight and thinking. And that’s where those value-added moments will appear in the podcast.” (32:03)

“The boundary gives you focus and it gives you intention to say, ‘in these episodes, this is the attention we’re trying to achieve here.’ And that’s how coaching works.” (37:48)





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