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Here’s the Recap:

Will Conway is the host of Baggage Claim, a podcast for travel stories no one tells. Join Will as he recalls some of the most bizarre stories from his travel log, including the time he accidentally illegally immigrates to Paraguay. In this episode, Harry and Will discuss Will’s journey as a storyteller and content creator, from the writing to spoken word to podcasting. Will talks about the importance of conversation, building community and empathy. Harry and Will share their experiences of traveling the world, how the podcast industry has evolved and best practices for building a loyal audience.

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What We Covered:

  • 06:00 – Harry welcomes Will Conway to the show to share his immersive storytelling podcast, Baggage Claim, how he initially got into podcasting and his incredible journey exploring South America
  • 15:23 – Harry shares a harrowing experience that inspired him to pursue his dream of sharing his voice and helping others to share theirs
  • 18:19 – Will teases the first episode of Baggage Claim, Treading Water
  • 20:31 – What inspired Will to pursue writing
  • 22:56 – Will reflects on his time at Nation Builder and why he decided to leave
  • 29:46 – Will recalls his introduction to spoken word and why it has kept his interest for so long
  • 37:56 – What inspired Will to launch the Baggage Claim podcast
  • 42:47 – How Will structures his podcast and the decision to incorporate an interview segment to the show
  • 45:44 – How Will has built a community of travel-loving individuals
  • 54:06 – Will explains his tip for finding podcast recommendations and how he has grown his podcast audience
  • 1:00:52 – What is something that Will has changed her mind about recently and the most misunderstood thing about Will
  • 1:03:56 – Harry thanks Will for joining the show, and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him and learn more about Baggage Claim



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