089 Yann Ilunga | Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone Is Not as Scary as It Seems


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Here’s the Recap:

Yann Ilunga is the host of the 360 Entrepreneur podcast. On his show, he sits down with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, online marketing experts, and best-selling authors to talk about their successes and struggles. Yann shares his love for music and education on the show as well as why he decided to create two podcasts at the same time.

What We Covered:

  • 06:10 – It's a bit surreal for Yann to be on the show because he's a fan himself!
  • 06:50 – How did Yann come up with the name of his podcast?
  • 07:25 – This is Yann's second podcast.
  • 13:25 – Yann is a huge music fan and his first podcast has helped open doors for him in that industry.
  • 17:40 – Yann's academic background really helped him embrace music.
  • 18:10 – Yann gives a history lesson about where he is from in Switzerland.
  • 26:05 – Switzerland is not all about chocolate and watches.
  • 27:10 – Yann talks about his ethnic background. He's a very mixed breed!
  • 32:05 – If you do something that you're passionate about, it will be easier for you to work harder in it.
  • 32:25 – It never feels like work when Yann's on his podcast.
  • 33:25 – The school grading system is completely different in Italy compared to Switzerland.
  • 35:55 – Yann's podcast is in English even though it is not his native language.
  • 40:00 – Why did Yann choose the entrepreneur genre?
  • 45:15 – What has Yann learned to do better since he started his podcast?
  • 48:25 – Yann talks about his grandmother.
  • 50:40 – What has Yann changed his mind about recently?
  • 54:55 – When you step out of your comfort zone, you realize it really wasn't as scary as you thought.
  • 58:00 – If you're a man in Switzerland, military service is mandatory.
  • 01:00:10 – Once you believe in what you're doing, you should never feel worried about what people have to say.
  • 01:04:15 – Yann talks about the Podcast Summit he is hosting.


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